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Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 2
Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 3
Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 4
Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 5
Table of contents for Dugdale Volume 6 Part 2
Table of contents for Dugdale Volume 6 Part 3
Tarent, or Tarrant Nunnery, in Dorsetshire
Tewkesbury Monastery, in Gloucestershire
Thame, or Tame Abbey, in Oxfordshire
The Alchemical Harp of Mechthild of Hackeborn
The Carmelite Order in Pre-Reformation Ireland
The Desert Fathers on Radical Self-Honesty
The Desert Mothers Revisited: The Mothers of the Diocese of Liege
The Harlot Bride: From Biblical Code to Mystical Topos
The Holy Women of Liège: A Bibliography
The Iconography of St. Martha: Some Considerations
The Image of St. Brigit in the Early Irish Church
The Imperial Abbey and the Town of Zurich: The Benedictine Nuns and the Price of Ritual in 13th, 14th, and 15th Century Switzerland
The Legend of Mary and Martha
The Mystical Journey of Angela of Foligno
The Ordeal of Community: Hagiography and Discipline in Merovingian Convents
The Role of the Female Sacristan prior to Trent
The Search for Spiritual Perfection and Freedom
The Spirituality of Mediaeval Holy Women
The Transformations of Sophia
The Virgin in the Brothel and Other Anomalies: Character and Context in the Legend of Beruriah
Thickhed, Thickeved, or Tykenheved Nunnery, in Yorkshire
Three Fifteenth-century Vowesses
Tiltey Abbey, in Essex
Towards a Prosopography of Nuns in Medieval Ireland
Tykeford, or Tickford Priory, in Buckinghamshire
Unhappy Choices: Factors that Contributed to the Decline and Condemnation of the Beguines
Violence, Virginity and Volition: the Construction of a Virgin Martyr in Brother Hermann of Veldenz’s Life of the Countess Yolanda of Vianden
Wallingwells, Wellendwell, or St. Mary de Parco, in Nottinghamshire
Wardon Abbey, in Bedfordshire
Weremouth and Jarrow Monasteries, in the Bishoprick of Durham
Westminster Abbey, in Middlesex
Wetherall Priory, in Cumberland, a Cell to the Abbey of St. Mary York
What the Nuns Read
Whiston, or Wytestane Nunnery, in Worcestershire
Whitby Monastery, in Yorkshire
Widows and Communities: Cistercian Nunneries and their Architecture in the Kindgdom of León (1150-1300)
Wimburn, or Winburn Monastery, in Dorsetshire
Winchester Cathedral and Monastery of St. Swithin, in Hampshire.
Winteneye Nunnery, in Hampshire
Woman and the Desert Fathers
Women and the Production of Religious Literature in the Vernacular 1300-1500
Women as Donors and Patrons to Southern French Monastaries in the 12th and 13th centuries