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Brunham, or Nun Burnham Priory, in Yorkshire
Bromholm Priory, in Norfolk
Brigit of Kildare, Golden Sparkling Flame: A Study in the Liminality of Women's Spiritual Power
Brewood Nunnery, in Shropshire
Books as a Source of Medical Education for Women in the Middle Ages
Body of a Saint, Story of a Goddess: Origins of the Brigidine Tradition
Bindon Abbey, in Dorsetshire
Benedictine Priory or St. Neot, in Huntingdonshire
Benedictine priory of Tutbury, in Staffordshire
Benedictine Priory of St. Peter, St. Paul, and St. Guthlac at Hereford, a Cell to the Abbey of St. Peter Gloucester
Benedictine priory of St. Nicholas in Exeter, a Cell to the Abbey of Battle
Benedictine Priory of St. Mary Magdalen Lincoln, a Cell to the Abbey of St. Mary York: including Santoft and Henes, in Lincolnshire
Benedictine Priory of St. Martin at Dover
Benedictine Priory of St. James at Bristol
Benedictine Priory of Spalding, in Lincolnshire
Benedictine Priory of Lynn, in Norfolk
Benedictine Priory of Cranbourne, in Dorsetshire
Benedictine Nunnery of Wroxhall, in Warwickshire
Benedictine Nunnery of Stanford, or Stamford, in Northamptonshire
Benedictine Nunnery of St. Mary at Chester
Benedictine Nunnery of Redlingfield, in Suffolk
Benedictine Nunnery of Merkyate, or Mergate, now Market Street, in Bedfordshire
Benedictine Nunnery of Malling, in Kent
Benedictine Nunnery of Fairwell, in Staffordshire
Benedictine Nunnery of Elstow, Helenestow, Elnstowe, or Alnestowe, in Bedfordshire
Benedictine Nunnery of Bromhale, in Berkshire
Benedictine Cell, at Cambridge
Benedictine Cell of Yarmouth, in Norfolk
Benedictine Cell of Romburc, now Rumburgh, in Suffolk, a Cell to the Abbey of St mary York
Benedictine Cell of Cardigan
Benedictine Abbey of Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop
Benedictine Abbey of Humbersteyn, in Lincolnshire
Benedictine Abbey and Cathedral of Bath, in Somersetshire
Beaulieu Abbey, Bewley, or De Bello Loco, in Hampshire
Bearwe, or Minchin Barrow Nunnery, in Somersetshire
Basedale, Hoton, Hutton, or Nun Thorp Priory, in Yorkshire
Barking Monastery, in Essex.
Bardney Abbey, in Lincolnshire
Avecot, or Aucot Priory, in Warwickshire, a Cell to the Priory of Malvern Major
Authority, Authenticity and the Repression of Heloise
Arden Nunnery, in Yorkshire
Antiqua Statuta Ordinis Grandimontensis
Amma Syncletica: A Spirituality of Experience
Albalanda, or Whiteland Abbey, in Caermarthenshire
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Abbotsburry Abbey, in Dorsetshire
Abbies of Stanlaw and Whalley
Abbey of Woburn, in Bedfordshire
Abbey of Waverly, in Surrey
Abbey of Walden, in Essex