Abelard, Peter. [Letter to Heloise, abbess of the Paraclete, undated (05)] in Petri Abælardi opera 1.680-81

[Letter from Peter Abelard to Heloise, abbess of the Paraclete]
This letter is Abelard’s "confession of faith," addressed to Heloise and preserved in a longer letter from Berengar, a student of Abelard’s, to Bernard of Clairvaux, defending Abelard and criticizing his enemies, including Bernard, see 2.771-86 and 178: 1857-70. Abelard spells out the main tenets of his faith, distinguishing his beliefs from major heresies, rejecting philosophy if it cuts him off from Christ, and ending with classical images. The letter is introduced by Berengar after an assertion of Abelard’s catholicism with these words: "for Peter writes to the handmaid of God, Heloise, educated in sacred letters beyond all others, a very intimate letter which among other things contains these words."
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