Elisabeth of Schönau, Saint. [Letter to Burchard, abbot of Odenheim and his brothers, undated (2)] in Visions’ inédites de Sainte Elisabeth de Schoenau 181-83

[Letter from Elisabeth of Schönau to Burchard, abbot of Odenheim and his brothers]
Elisabeth transmits the answer she received from the angel to a question Burchard had put to her about the identity of bones in his possession. A large graveyard was discovered outside Cologne in 1156 and the bones, identified as those of St. Ursula and the 11,000 virgin martyrs, were taken to various local religious houses, see the letter to Gerlach of Deutz and his brothers. This letter was not transmitted as part of the collection created by Ekbert but is found in a manuscript transmitting a collection of hagiographical materials, including Elisabeth’s revelations about the virgins of Cologne, from the Benedictine abbey of St. Magnus in Füssen.
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