[An acknowledgment that Margaret Prestwich became a nun at Seaton in 1360. (Agecroft Deeds).]
Agecroft Deed 35 original in Latin and retained at Agecroft Hall.
Know all men &c that the Lady Margaret de Prestwyche one of the nuns of Seton, of the age of 15 years and more was professed in the Morrow of St. Katherine the Virgin and Martyr [i.e. Nov. 26] Anno Domini 1360 in the presence of Sir John Cragge, Prior of the Abbey of Furnes, and Sir John de Hudelleston, Knight, and lord of Millum, Richard de Cowplond of Furnes, Richard de Hudelleston and others, and the said Lady Margaret on the said day in the presence of the said persons made obeisance to the Prioress of Seton, viz. the lady Ada de Walton, and the said Margaret on the said day confessed before the said persons that she was not coerced nor compelled but voluntarily entered the order of St. Benedict in the said house and was professed. In testimony of which the common seal of the House of the Nuns of Seton to these presents is placed. Given at Seton in the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle [Nov. 30] 1371. (To this deed a large oval-shaped seal of white wax is still attached, but it is so much rubbed as to be quite illegible).