Jerome, Saint (d. 419/420). Vitas Sanctorum patrum, sive vitas patrum [Das Buch der heiligen Altväter ] (Augsburg : Anton Sorg, 1482).

Vitas Sanctorum patrum, sive vitas patrum [Das Buch der heiligen Altväter ]
Primary Author:
Jerome, Saint (d. 419/420)
Additional Authors:
Sorg, Anton, publisher
Anton Sorg
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Primary Source
Publication Type:
edition of text (pub. primary source)
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Anton Sorg (25 September 1482), fols. 1v-370v. With 276 contemporary woodcuts. Format: Folio; 11.2 in x 7.9 in. The rare first German edition of these Lives of the Saints once attributed to Saint Jerome, the most profusely illustrated book to emanate from Sorg's press. For images: Bartsch vol. 83: 1482; Schramm vol. 4, abb. 842-1045; descriptions on pp. 26-31) Some information on Anton Sorg is provided in Augsburger Buchdruck und Verlagswesen_ ... /herausgegeben von Helmut Gier (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1997), p. 1208: born ca. 1430 in Augsburg; died before September 1493 in Augsburg;letter and map painter, book printer, owner of a paper mill, translater. Address: 1451-1462 Tax district (Steuerbezirk) "Vom Ror"; 1463-1493 Tax district "Vom Rathaus." Printed 240 items from 1475 to 1493, was one of the most productive printers in 16th century Augsburg. Printed in cooperation with Johann Baemler and Johann Schoensperger the elder. Johann Schobser, also a printer, was his son-in-law and lived with him at times. Sorg translated Walter Burley's "De vita et moribus philosophorum" published in 1490. A bibliography of literature on Sorg is provided at the end of the entry. His first publication is not listed, but Goff lists Augustinus, Quinquaginta, published by Anton Sorg, circiter 1 Feb. 1475 (A-1298); and Bernardus Claravallensis, Meditationes de interiori homine (Anton Sorg, about 1475, not after 1476). (Joseph Ross Rare Books Cataloger, Univ. of Notre Dame)