Magistra: a journal of women's spirituality in history (Atchison, KS : Magistra Publications, 1995 -).

Magistra: a journal of women's spirituality in history
Magistra Publications
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Secondary Source
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Atchison, KS
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1995 -
Spiritual Friendship in the "Vita" of Beatrice of Nazareth, I am You: Medieval Love Mysticism as a Post-Modern Theology of Relation, Teresa of Avila and Angela of Foligno: Ecstatic Sisters, Angela of Foligno as a Model for Franciscan Women Mystics and Visionaries in Early Modern Spain, Ancrene Wisse: A Modern Lay Person's Guide to a Medieval Religious Text, Medieval Women and the Care of the Sick: Some Evidence from Hagiography, To Her Who Is Half of Her Soul: Clare of Assisi and the Medieval Epistolary Tradition, Merovingian Monastic Women: A Work in Progress, Anglo-Saxon Monastic Women: A Work in Progress, A Mystic Pursues Narrative Theology: Biblical Speculation and Contemporary Imagery in Gertrude of Helfta, Enclosure and Containment: Jutta and Hildegard at the Abbey of St. Disibod, Scripture and the Bible: Luther and a German Women's Version, Benedict in Berlin: Another Feminine Voice, Webliche Stimmen in Early German Translations of the Regula Benedicti, Three Models of Self-governance: Medieval English Translations of Latin Rules for Nuns, Feminine Experience in the Northern Metrical Version of the Benedictine Rule, Reclaiming the 'Wayward Nun': Thematic Similarities in Three Middle English Versions of the Benedictine Rule, A Poet Abbess from Notre-Dame de Saintes, Brides of Christ, Daughters of Men: Nuremberg Poor Clares in Defense of their Identity (1524-1529), Feminizing the Rule of Benedict in Medieval England, 'I Leave My Best Gown as a Vestment': Women's Spiritual Interests in the Late Medieval English Parish, The Nun of Watton, French Abbesses in Action: Structuring Carolingian and Cluniac Communities