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Mediaevalia Lovaniensia series
Augustinianum Collegium Internationale Augustinianum journal
Mentis amore ligati : lateinische Freundschaftsdichtung und Dichterfreundschaft in Mittelalter und Neuzeit : Festgabe für Reinhard Düchting zum 65. Geburtstag Körkel, Boris Licht, Tino; Jolanta Wiendlocha. collection
Memorials of St. Edmund's Abbey Arnold, Thomas edition of text (pub. primary source)
The Anglo-Saxon chronicle: a collaborative edition Dumville, D. N Keynes, Simon; Taylor, Simon (co-editors) edition of text (pub. primary source)
Miscellanea Populetana collection Catalonia (Catalunya)
Damascus Patriarchate 12/18 Michael I, the Syrian, Patriarch of Antioch, 1126-1199 manuscript
Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 6 Part 2 Dugdale, William, Sir
The life of Bishop Wilfrid Eddius Stephanus Colgrave, Bertram (editor and translator) edition of text (pub. primary source)
Guerin, Paul, Les petits Bollandistes: Vies des Saints (Paris: Bloud et Borrel, 1882). Guerin
English Episcopal Acta IV, Lincoln, 1186-1206 Smith, David M. edition of text (pub. primary source) Lincolnshire
Miscellanea historiae ecclesiasticae. Vol. 3, Colloque de Cambridge, 24-28 Septembre 1968 Baker, Derek collection
Feet of Fines for Essex Kirk, R.E.G. Kirk, E.F. edition of text (pub. primary source)
Body of a Saint, Story of a Goddess: Origins of the Brigidine Tradition Bitel, Lisa article or essay Kildare
Documenti Tudertini Trifone, B. journal Umbria
Domesday Book: a survey of the counties of England Morris, John edition of text (pub. primary source)
Sumbolai eis tēn historian tōn Monōn tōn Meteōrōn Lampros, Spyridōn Paulou, 1851-1919 edition of text (pub. primary source)
Introduction to Vol. 6, Part 3 Dugdale, William, Sir
Italy, La Marche, Macerata, Archivio di Stato di Macerata, La Marche, Catsti manuscript Marche
17th century Mexican nuns Franca, Jean
[No Title]
Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevii series
The rule of our holy father St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo Tourscher, F.E. and revised by Robert P. Russell. edition of text (pub. primary source)
Il Concilio di Trento e la riforma tridentina; atti del Convegno storico internazionale, Trento, 2-6 settembre 1963 collection
Présence d'En Calcat
Devas, Dominic, Saint Colette (London: 1934). Devas
Die 'Institutes of polity, civil and ecclesiastical.' Ein Werk Erzbischof Wulfstans von York Wulfstan, Archbishop of York Jost, Karl (editor)
Greyerz, Kaspar von, ed., Religion and Society in Early Modern Europe (London: 1984). Greyerz
Corpus Iuris Canonici Decreti (Friedberg
Cartulaire de l'abbaye du Ronceray d'Angers (1028-1184) Marchegay, Paul edition of text (pub. primary source) Pays de la Loire
Chronicon Systematicum de historia ordinis Praemonstratensis Anonymous edition of text (pub. primary source)
A Calendar of the Register of Wolstan De Bransford, Bishop of Worcester, 1339-49. Haines, Roy Martin edition of text (pub. primary source) Worcestershire
Viage literario a las Iglesias de España Villanueva, Jaime edition of text (pub. primary source)
Cartularium monasterii S. Johannis Baptiste de Colecestria Moore, S.A. edition of text (pub. primary source)
Die Karmeliter Henggeler, Rudolf Bruckner, Albert (co-editor) collection
Medieval and Renaissance Texts series
Life of the Blessed Ursulina of Parma Zanacchi, Simone edition of text (pub. primary source) Emilia-Romagna
Evelyn-White, H.G., The Monasteries of the Wadi'n Natr^un Pt. 2: The History of the Monasteries of Nitria and Scetis (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1932). Evelyn-White
Review for Religious journal
The importance of women in Anglo-Saxon times, the cultus of St. Peter and St. Paul; and other addresses Brown, G. F. (George Forrest), 1833-1930 collection
Manuscript sources for the history of Irish civilisation Hayes, R. J. reference work
Modern Language Review journal
L'Histoire médiévale et les ordinateurs = Medieval history and computers: rapports d'une table ronde internationale, Paris, 1978 Werner, Karl Ferdinand collection
Apollinaris; Commentarius Iuridico-Canonicus Pontificia Università lateranense Pontificium Institutum Utriusque Iuris (corporate author) journal
Inquisitiones Post Mortem (1235-71) edition of text (pub. primary source) Kent
The English Experience: its record in early printed books published in facsimile. series
Winchester in the Early Middle Ages: An Edition and Discussion on the Winton Domesday Barlow, Frank Biddle, Martin (co-editor) collection Hampshire
Letters Gregory I Schaff, Phillip ; Henry Wace (co-editors) edition of text (pub. primary source)
Burton, Katherine, Faith is the Substance: Life of Therese Gu'erin (Saint Louis: Herder 1959). Burton
Foligno, Archivio Notarile