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A Library Collected by and for the Use of Nuns: St. Catherine's Convent, Nuremberg Ehrenschwendtner, Marie-Luise article or essay English Bavaria (Bayern)
A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church, anterior to the division of the East and West. series English
A life pleasing to God : the spirituality of the rules of St Basil Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. 329-379 Holmes, Augustine, editor edition of text (pub. primary source) English
A List of Articles on Scottish History Published During the Year 1983 Graham, T.W., ed. reference work English
A Lost Clairvaux Exemplum Collection Found: The 'Liber Visionum et Miraculorum' Compiled Under Prior John of Clairvaux McGuire, Brian Patrick article or essay English
A Lost Tradition: Women Writers of the Early Church Wilson-Kastner, Patricia , ed.
A Lovely and Useful Instruction by Angela da Foligno Berrigan, Joseph R. article or essay English
A Manual of the writings in Middle English, 1050-1500 Wells, John Edwin Severs, J. Burke and Albert Hartung (co-editors) bibliography English
A manuscript from Nuneaton: Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum MS McLean 123. Hill, Betty article or essay English Warwickshire
A Map [and Index] of Old English Monasteries and Related Ecclesiastical Foundations, A.D. 400-1066 Ryan, Alice Mary map or atlas English
A Marriage and Its Observer: Christine of Stommeln, the Heavenly Bridegroom, and Friar Peter of Dacia Coakley, John article or essay
A Marseille les Clarisses (1254-1991) Amargier, Paul Bertrand, Regis monograph French
A Martyr at the Sasanid Court under Vahran II: Candida Brock, Sebastian article or essay English
A Mediaeval Devotion to Jerusalem Our Mother Cabassut, André article or essay English
A Medieval Lesson on Bodily Knowing: Women's Experience and Men's Thought Milhaven, J. Giles article or essay English
A Medieval Miscellany for Doris Mary Stenton Barnes, Patricia M Slade, C. F. (co-editor) collection
A Menology of England and Wales: or, Brief memorials of the ancient British and English saints arranged according to the calendar, together with the martyrs of the 16th and 17th centuries Stanton, Richard map or atlas English
A microfiche concordance to Old English: the list of texts and index of editions Healey, Antonette Di Paolo Venezky, Richard L bibliography English
A Middle English Text Written by a Female Scribe O'Mara, Veronica M. article or essay English
A Middle High German Benedictine rule: Ms. 4486a German. Nationalmuseum Nürnberg Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino Sullivan, Mary C. (editor) edition of text (pub. primary source) German Bavaria (Bayern)
A Mirror for Simple Souls: The Mystical Work of Marguerite Porete Crawford, Charles edition of text (pub. primary source) English
A miscellany comprising: Post reformation royal arms in Norfolk churches.--Cellarer's roll, Bromholm priory, 1415-1416.--Lay subsidy, 1581: assessors' certificates for certain Norfolk hundreds Norfolk Record Society collection English
A Monument of Franconian Medieval Book Illumination: an 11th/12th Century Codex from the Abbey of Michelsberg at Bamberg Together with an Important 11th Century Text Manuscript from the Same Monastery Martin Breslauer, Inc. edition of text (pub. primary source) English Bavaria (Bayern)
A Mystic Pursues Narrative Theology: Biblical Speculation and Contemporary Imagery in Gertrude of Helfta Bangert, Michael article or essay
A Mystic's Drama: The Paschal Mystery in the Visions of Angela da Foligno Morrison, Molly article or essay English
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A New Look at the Reformation: Aristocratic Women and Nunneries, 1450-1540 Harris, B. article or essay English
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A New Song: Celibate Women in the First Three Christian Centuries McNamara, Jo Ann monograph English
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A Nun of Montivilliers Beech, Beatrice article or essay English
A Nun's Life: Barking Abbey in the Late-Medieval and Early Modern Periods Barnes, Teresa L. dissertation/thesis
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A Potted History of Ilford: including it's association with Barking of which, until 1888, it was a part Gunby, Norman monograph English Essex