Agnes de Methelwold
Death Date:
Religious Titles:

Abbess of Crabhouse, 1315-1344.

Religious Roles:

Abbess and nun.



Brief Profile:

As Abbess of Crabhouse, Agnes was responsible for raising and spending over a 100 pounds of silver on the building and maintenance of a hall, a grange, a stable, a bakery, and a noble room. Also set aside for the nuns during her tenure were rents for supplying the house with bread, ale, meat, and fish (in particular red herring), clothing and shoes for the nuns, towels and linen, as well as for iron and nails for the repair of the priory's buildings. In addition, Agnes set aside sums for the repair of the house and church, the sea and marsh dykes, the payment of the household servants, the feeding of the cattle, and finally, for fuel. Overall, her tenure was a very successful one and she brought a great deal of wealth to the priory.

Manuscript sources:

Norwich Episcopal Register 1:63
British Library Additional MS 4731 (Crabhouse Register)

Published primary sources:

The Register of Crabhouse Nunnery (British Library Additional Charters MS 4732)

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