Woodchester (needs verification)
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Medieval Location
Longtree hundred
Date Founded
1019 (circa)
Date Terminated
1066 or before
Foundation Information

According to tradition relayed by William Camden, Gytha, wife of Godwine founded a religious house to make up for the fraud and abuse her husband, Godwin, used to disolve the religious community at Berkeley. Foot notes that the Domesday book evidence does not support this tradition.

Secondary Sources
Ruth Robbins
Contributors Notes

The evidence for this community is extremely thin. Foot states: "that there were ever religious women at Woodchester seems highly unlikely" (Veiled Women, vol. 2, 256). It is included because of Foot's statements in vol. 1 about the elusiveness of female religious communities in the period she discusses. That elusiveness opens the possibility that Woodchester was a community.

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