Community ID
Medieval Location
Modern Location
Corporate Status
chapter of canonesses
Date Founded
before 1200
Date Terminated
1542; continues
Religious Order
Foundation Information

The chapter of Augustinian canonesses at Wennigsen was founded sometime before 1200. Archaeological evidence places the foundation around the mid-twelfth century. The earliest documentary mention of the community dates from 1224, when it appers in a document of the Count of Schauburg.

Relative Wealth

The community was relatively wealthy and purchased several properties in the fourteenth century. The community dominated the development of the village and surrounding countryside.

Art & Artifacts

A thirteenth-century panel painting of the Dormition and Assumption of the Virgin Mary from this convent is preserved in the Lower Saxon National Gallery (Niedersächsische Landesgalerie) in Hanover. The works shows both the transition from Romanesque to Gothic styles as well as the influence of Byzantine art and spirituality upon the region. The panel is unique for depicting 13 rather than 12 saints, one of whom is Saint Dionysius.

Architecture & Archaeology

The community church, which also doubled as the parish church, retains its late-Gothic appearance. The church had a nuns' choir.

State Of Medieval Structure

The medieval cloister and buildings were destroyed by the Thirty Years War and by a devastating fire. Only the medieval church remains.

Miscellaneous Information

In 1542 the chapter converted into an Evangelical women's chapter, and it continues to function as such presently. The convent buildings were rebuilt in the eighteenth century. The convent belongs to a group of monasteries referred to as the Calenberger Convents (Barsinghausen, Mariensee, Marienweder and Wülfinghausen).

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June Mecham
Date Started
before 1200
Date Finished
1542; continues