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In 1198 the patrician, Rigmudis, widow of Gerhard, the son of Theodore the advocate, used all her property to found and endow the convent of Weiher. Archbishop Adolf of Berg assigned the tasks of spiritual care of the convent to the abbot of the premonstratensian abbey of Knechtsteden, but Rigmudis and the women of Weiher retained control over the temporalities. Rigmudis entered Weiher, apparently as a conversa, along with her three daughters, who became nuns.

First Members

The foundress, Rigmudis, and her three daughters.

Dependency Of

The male Premonstratensian abbey of Knechtsteden was responsible for the spiritual care of this house.

Social Characteristics

Of the forty-four nuns identified at Weiher, thirty-nine were patrician.


Stein calls this community one of the best endowed convents of Cologne.

Manuscript Sources

Stadtarchiv Weiher Copiar, f. 18 [This is a fifteenth-century copy made by the nuns of Weiher of al letter written in 1228 by Archbishop Henry of Molenark to pope Gregory IX, in which Archbishop Adolph's provisions were inserted verbatim.]

Published Primary Sources

[1]Lacomblet, Theodor J., ed. Urkundenbuch fuer die Geschichte des Niederrheins. 4 vols. Dusseldorf: J. Wolf, 1840-1858.
[2]Stadtarchiv Weiher, Urkunde 27, ed. F. M. Stein, "Einige Bemerkungen zu J. Asens 'Die Beginen in Koeln," AHVN 178 (1976): 167-177.

Secondary Sources
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The establishment of this community and entrance of Rigmudis and all three of her daughters into the convent led to the extinction of the patrician position of her family. In 1262 the nunnery rented an area with its house and buildings to the beguines Mechthildis, Aleidis and Elizabeth. They were permitted to take in an additional four beguines and a servant.

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This was a foundation by a patrician family.

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