Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Ursula; Bickenkloster; Bickenkloster zu Villingen; Bicken cloister
near Freiburg
S. Ursula
Religious Order
Franciscan (Clarissen)
Rule of S. Clare
Notable Members/Residents/Guests

The convent was reformed by a party led by Ursula Haider.

Population Counts

According to the convent chronicle, circa 1480 the convent had just six nuns. Of these, five left when the reformers came to the convent. Only one of the women elected to stay.

Relative Wealth

The convent chronicle describes the house as poor, unendowed, and small.

Literary Works

A chronicle and reform account survive from this community. Sisters from this community sent a work that contains poems composed by Prioress Ursula Haider (d. 1498) to the convent of S. Katharinental. A sister from this community also compiled a copy of the twenty-eight sermons delivered at the convent by Johannes Pauli (1493-94).

Manuscript Sources

Berlin, Staatsbibliothek, MS germ. quart. 1069, fols. 1-240.

Miscellaneous Information

The convent was reformed in 1480 along with the Observant reforms sweeping Germany at the time.