San Paolo delle Abbadesse
Community ID
Bastia Umbra
Medieval Location
4km from Assisi
Religious Order
Foundation Information

The monastery was one of the wealthiest and most affluent in the area. It was under the jurisdiction of the bishop o the city.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

San Paolo served as a Benedictine community for nuns who had all previously been members of nobility. These women instead dedicated their lives to prayer, and were tended to by servants denoted by different habits from those of the nuns. These servants were responsible for the material affairs of the community.


The 1354 register of religious groups in the commune of Assisi estimated the property of the monastery at 53.290 librae per year.

Miscellaneous Information

This monastery was awarded the privilege of threatening excommunication to anyone outside the community who intended to harm its inhabitants. This privilege could only be awarded to monasteries by the pope.