S. Zaccaria
Community ID
Modern Location
Campo di S. Zaccaria
Date Founded
829 C.E.
Religious Order
Foundation Information

Founded by Doge Giustiniano Partecipazio, whose daughter or sister was said to be the first abbess.

The Byzantine Emperor Leo V the Armenian (died 820) contributed the founding relics, the body of San Zaccaria (father of S. John the Baptist), wood of the True Cross, and clothing of both Christ and the Virgin, in exchange for perpetual prayers. He also sent workmen and materials from Constantinople.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Legend has it that S. Zaccaria was one of the first two churches built in Venice and that it served as the doge's chapel before the construction of San Marco.


The doge visited the convent once a year for vespers on Easter Sunday. Accompanied by a large procession, the doge would also visit the sepulchre in the crypt beneath the raised choir of the church and viewed the tombs of 8 of their early predecessors.

Secular Political Affiliations

A majority of the nuns in this convent were Venetian ladies of noble birth whose families could not afford a dowry for them.