S. Tommaso
Community ID
Buzzano (also calle Buzzano Canavese, Busano, Busian)
Date Founded
1019 (circa)
Date Terminated
1325 or later, the monastery became a preparitura, and the nuns were tranfered to the monastery of S. MariaBelmonte
Religious Order
Foundation Information

Almerico, lord of Barbania, founded the house at the insistance of his daughter Libania, who was a pupil of Guglielmo de Volpiano (962-1031), and who became the house's first abbess.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Agnes, widow of Emperor Henry III and mother of Henry IV stayed here.

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

Nicholas II on Dec. 30, 1059 (at Florence) conceded the monastery's right to elect its own abbess.

Incorporated By

S. Maria di Belmonte (see S. Maria Delle Grazie) in 1304.

Dependency Of

S. Benigno Fruttuaria after 1114.

Relative Wealth

Fairly wealthy.


Had 2 mills.

Other Economic Activities

Property was administered by a provost.

Architecture & Archaeology

The church was built from 1003-1008, and resembled the church of S. Benigno, and had three naves and three apses. As the village grew during the 13th and 14th centuries, a well [sic] was built around S. Tommaso with blind arches in pre-romanesque style.

State Of Medieval Structure

A gate with a tower remains of the old fortifications.

Published Primary Sources

Historiae Patriae Monumenta
__Historia Patriae Monumenta.__ 594-596 (Community of S. Benigno, Archivio)

Miscellaneous Information

Friola, G. "Cartario di S. Maria di Belmonte e di S. Tommaso di Buzzano (1059-1326)." In __Biblioteca della Societa Storica Subalpina__ XLIII (1908), 61-104.

Architettura religiosa preromanica e romanica nell'archidiocesi di Torino
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Suzanne Wemple-Kinder; Marie Kelleher
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