S. Thomas Martyr
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Medieval Location
The original antique site burned in 1213 and the hospital was rebuilt on a new site sometime between 1213 and 1215.
Modern Location
Corporate Status
Sometime after 1173 the hospital is dedicated to Thomas Martyr.
Date Founded
1170 (probable date)
Date Terminated
Religious Order
The first order is assumed to be Augustinian because the hopital was a dependency of Southwork priory which was Augustinian and followed the Augustinian Rule.
Augustinian-at least by the 13th century.
Foundation Information

The Hospital is traditionally thought to be founded by S. Thomas. The land was originally on the grounds of the monastery of St. Mary Overy. It was founded for a prior or master with the help of brothers and sisters for the sick and the poor. It was originally a dependecy of a male monastery.

Dependency Of

Southwark Priory


Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester granted land in a more suitable place for the hospital and the new establishment was built there and finished in 1215. Alice de Chalvedon, a widow, in about 1235 gave the hospital all her lands in Chaldon. Also in the 13th century Everard de Caterham granted lands and 2s. rent at Caterham to the hospital; John de Marlow, a clerk, granted mills and osier beds at Marlow; and Richard de Clare, who was the Earl of Hertford, and his son, Gilbert de Clare, granted lands worth £20 a year and rents in the manor of Marlow. In 1299, Isaac the Jew donated a house to the hospital and signed his name using Hebrew letters. In 1305, Robert de la Wyke gave 8 acres of land in Charlton by Greenwich and Ranulph, vicar of Greenwich, gave 4 acres of land in Combe and Greenwich. In the same year, John and William, sons of William le Flemyng, gave 1½ acres of land in Combe and Greenwich. Other benefactors include: Walter de Dynesle, William de Hameldon, Simon de Stowe,Walter de Huntingfield, Dulcia le Drapere, Gilbert de Clare-Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, Adam le Chaundeler and Joan his wife, and Ralph Nonley of Halsted.

Relative Wealth

In 1525, the hospital was valued at £309 1s. 11d.

Miscellaneous Information

One of the last mentions of sisters living at the hospital seems to be in 1357. However, there were three lay sisters living at the hospital in 1535.

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