S. Stefano
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Date Founded
1256 or earlier
Date Terminated
1773, December, by Bishop Tommaso Struzzieri (Bishop of Amelia from 1770 to 1775): In 1774, a priest of Sambucetole (Diocesis of Amelia) wrote: "Pagò la decima Francesco alis Focaraccio per il lavoreccio delle Carpinete spettante al Soppresso Monastero di
Religious Order
Foundation Information

In 1256, Bishop Gualterio gives the benedictine rule to women cloistered in S. Stefano. In return, they are to be under his jurisdiction, and have to render to him 1 libra (pound?) of wax annually on the feast of S. Firmina, patron of Amelia.


Riccadonna [sic] left 5 solidi to the community. Caterina, daughtr of Nero magister, granddaughter of Ranarius of Amelia, and great-granddaughter of Stephan Marcuci, left 2 florentines to the monastery on January 19, 1369.

Early Documents

[date?] The nuns name the abbess. She has the right of being burid in the church. The nuns, along with the chapter, select the chaplain. The bishop keeps one-fourt of the gifts and half of the offerings.

Secondary Sources
Miscellaneous Information

In 1428, some of the nuns of S. Maria who had been living at Collicello were transferred to S. Stefano.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder, Paolo Pennazzi
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