S. Spirito
Community ID
Alternate Names
delle Giulianelle; delle Julianelle; S. Giulana
Città di Castello
Città di Castello
Date Founded
1245 or earlier
Date Terminated
1827 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Religious Order
Poor Clares
Augustinian in 1370
Foundation Information

On October 15, 1245, Pope Innocent IV sent a letter in which he stated that Gregory IX had sent them the rule.

Population Counts

1270: 11 nuns: Abbess Giacoma and Angela (Detesalvi?), Francesca, Cecilia, Clara, Pace, Illuminata, Giovanna, Filippa, Margherita, Angela Guidonis de Monte.

Incorporated By

S. Caterina in 1827.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

In the mid-fifteenth century, S. Spirito paid the census tax to the bishop for the churches associated with S. Tommaso al Cavaglione (1482), and S. Maria del Feriale (1488).


In 1268/69, the nuns were warned by the procurator to obey the bishop. Indeed, the bishop excommunicated them on April 4, 1270. Capodifero, a penitential brother, intervened. Bishop Niccolo visited the convent on April 30, and agreed to absolve them if they paid him 1 libra by August, and he consented to building their church.


Given 20 libra annually by the commune

Early Documents

[1] Pace, Cecilia, Margherita and Lucia elect a procurator to go to the bishop and ask him to build a church. // [2]1268: Notary Ser Antonio di Biagio wrote that there were some women in Giulianella who lived in the community without Bishop Niccolo's permission. // [3] 1349: The abbess and 11 nuns held a meeting where they discussed the rental of lands to Baldo di Matteo di Vitello and Domenico di Vittello. // [4] 1358: Bishop Buccio gives the nuns the privilege of electing their own confessor. // [5] 1421: Donna Mea Acquisiti left to reform S. Maria Maddalena and S. Martha.

Manuscript Sources

SBARALEA, G.B. __Bull. 1,__ Innocent IV, n. 103, p. 386.

Secondary Sources
Miscellaneous Information

On February 4, 1446, the commune gave the monastery the right to build a bridge, but it was destroyed by the enlargement of the palazzo Vitelli in 1527.

Conversi/ae and servants

In 1430, Piero di Domenico di Castellione became a cnverso and gave all his goods

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