S. Sperandio
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Maria Maddalena dello Sperandio (original name); S. Maria Bulgazzano
Medieval Location
Outside the gate, near the Porta S. Angelo, in a location called Bulgatianum
Date Founded
1262, November 14
Date Terminated
1799 -- Monastery's goods were transferred to the orphanage of S. Anna
Religious Order
Foundation Information

Founded by Beata Santuccia Carabotti of Gubbio. She founded the order of the Serve di Maria, later called S. Sperandio or Santuccie, with a constitution written by Beata Sperandio, Abbot of S. Pietro of Gubbio. The location for the monastery had belonged to S. Sperandea Sperandei of Gubbio, who had an oratory erected there and lived there in solitude for some time. It is possible that originally these were two separate monasteries -- S. Sperandio and S. Maria Maddalena Bulgazzano -- that were later united into a single community.

Population Counts

Unknown, but it had a capacity of 40 nuns in the seventeenth century.

Dependency Of

S. Maria in Giulia. The abbess participated in general chapters, the last one held in 1466. In 1592 Pope Paul III ordered the male community of S. Pietro to look after them. In 1703 the local bishop was placed in charge.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

1580: Community was reformed by nuns from S. Giovanna di Subiaco.

Relative Wealth

Very poor.

Other Economic Activities

1316: received alms from the Brothers of Penitence

Early Documents

The 1279 statutes of Perugia mention S. Sperandio. In 1305, July 16, the sisters of S. Sperandio swore obedience to D. Donata, abbess of S. Maria in Giulia -- this may be the date that S. Sperandio and S. Maria Maddalena Bulgazzano became a singe community. In a 1466 document, the nuns confirm their recognition of S. Maria in Giulia as their superior.

Art & Artifacts

The museum has one of the community's paintings, depicting the Coronation of the Virgin, with saints Peter, Paul, Benedict and Scholastica, along with monks and nuns.

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Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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