S. Martiniano
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Alternate Names
Santa Maria di Brione; S. Maria della Sp... [cut off]
Brione (Vallis de Turre)
Medieval Location
located at the foot of Monte Calvo; moves to Montecalieri after Council of Trent
Corporate Status
Priory, then Abbey
Date Founded
Date Terminated
1601 (see "Incorporated By," below).
Religious Order
Benedictine in 10th c.; Cistercian in 12th c.; Poor Clares after Council of Trent
Foundation Information

Orignated as a male Benedictine house, but was depopulated as a result of the saracen invasuions of the 10th c. In the 11th and early 12th centuries it is referred to as a church that had been given to the abbey of S. Salvatore (dioc. Torino). It is referred to as a monastery again in the late 12th century, and women appear some time between 1146 and 1197. The women lived in S. Martinano until the 1200's, when they occupied the new monastery of S. Maria.

Notable Heads

Prioresses: Remota (1200-08); Agnese (1229-38); Gordia (1245-47). Abbesses: Anna (1252-54); Ota (1259); Sibilla Grossa (1265-69); Galliana (1267-73); Giordana (1272-73); Luarghenta (1274-82); Margherita di Bardonecchia (1288-90); Agnese (1293-99)

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

Innocent III, 22 January 1207.

Incorporated By

S. Chiara (Torino), 1601

Dependency Of

S. Salvatore (male) (Torino)


Countess Margherita, wife of Tommaso I of Savoia (count of Morianne) takes the monastery under her protection and gave 20 soldi annually from 1197 to 1223.

Relative Wealth

Very wealthy, peaking in 13th c., declining 14th - 15th c.


extensive landholdings

Other Economic Activities

banking operations

Early Documents

June 30, 1197: Peter di Brione cedes a field to the nuns of S. Martiniano.

Architecture & Archaeology

Cistercian elements include a T-shaped floor plan, but where the cistercian apses are rectangular, the apses of this monastery are semi-circular (Lombard style). The only other noticable Cistercian element is the location, in the country, suitable for agriculture.

Manuscript Sources

Torino, Archivio di Stato, Sala 14, Materie Ecclesiastiche monache, Briore, cistercensi, 2 da no., 1166-1602.

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