S. Maria Vallegloria
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Maria di Vallegloria
Medieval Location
Outside of town, 1 km. from the Camaldolese abbey of S. Silvestro di Collepino
Date Founded
1208 or earlier
Date Terminated
1464, June 17 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Religious Order
Penitents, then Poor Clares (ca. 1222)
Augustinian (imposed by Bishop Bartolo)
Notable Heads

Balbina, niece of Clare of Assisi, moved from her home at the monastery of Arezzo to become abbess of Vallegloria from 1220 until her death in 1240.

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

[1] July 27, 1232: Gregory IX gives S. Maria half the possessions taken from S. Silvestro of Subiaso, with rights of alienation; [2] July 23, 1244: Innocent IV confirms an earlier purchase (under Gregory IX) of properties from Fraiapiano; [3] January 20, 1255: Alexander IV wrote that the oblates of the order must observe the same rules; [4] April 15, 1258: writes that they [oblates?] cannot be restricted, and must take new sisters.

Incorporated Communities

In 1232, Pope Gregory IX gave the community of S. Sylvester jointly to S. Maria Vallegloria and to S. Maria (Spoleto).

Incorporated By

S. Giacomo e S. Margherita on June 17, 1464, due to lack of new entrants. On April 29, 1772, the property was acquired by Spoleto.

Dependency Of

S. Giacomo e S. Margherita in the 13th century, S. Maria del Paradiso in the 14th century

Published Primary Sources

Bullarium Franciscanum Romanorum Pontificum, cit. I, Innocentii IV, n. 61, p. 354; cit I, Greg. IX, n. 72, p. 81 and n. 880, p. 259; cit II, Roma, 1261, Alexander IV, n. 107.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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Date Finished