S. Maria Magdalena
Community ID
S. Mary Magdalene (needs verification)
Date Founded
1289 or earlier
Date Terminated
Religious Order
Penitential Order of Mary Magdalene; Dominican by 1289
Augustinian (needs verification)
Foundation Information

This community originated as a community of the Penitential Order of Mary Magdalene (or Reuerinnen). By 1289 the community had joined the Dominican order.

Manuscript Sources

The Bibliotheque de la Ville in Colmar contains Sermons from Joh. Geiler von Kaiserberg (1504) which belonged to this house, # 403. The Augustinian museum in Freiburg im Breisgau preserves several works from the convent's library, including a processional (1509), #Inv. Nr. 2536; a processional (15-16th c.), #Inv. Nr. 10957; two Antiphonals (15th c.), #Inv. Nr. 11730-11731; a divine Office (15th c.), owned by Anna Sybotin, #Inv. Nr. 11736; a Processional (15th c.), #Inv. Nr. 11737. The archepiscopal archive in Feiburg contains three Breviaries and an obsequiale from the community, #1 (Adelh. 01), 3 (Adelh. 03), and 9 (Adelh. 09), and 5 (Adelh. 05), respectively. The city archive in Freiburg in Breisgau also contains two processionals, #B1 (H) Nr. 127 and 150; a copy of the Legenda auraea (1465), #B1 (H) 159; three "Seelb├╝cher" (c. 1465-1528), #B1 (H) Nr. 160-162; Sermons (16th c.), #B1 (H) Nr. 163; and two miscellaneous works, #B1 (H) Nr. 164-165. The Landesbiblothek in Karlsruhe contains a Collectar., (13th c.), #St. Peter perg. 24; a rule of S. Augustine by Hugo de S. Victore (15th c.), #St. peter perg. 43; a Missal (c. 1468), #St. Peter perg. 45; and a miscellaneous work (15th c.), #St. Peter perg. 80.

Secondary Sources
Miscellaneous Information

In 1651 this community was united with the Dominican house of S. Katharine.

Manuscripts Produced

See manuscript sources for the extant works of this community's library.

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