S. Maria Magdalena
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Mary Magdalene (? requires verification)
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1525 (circa)
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Further information about the foundation of this community of Augustinian women is needed.

Manuscript Sources

The Library of the Abbey at Ampelforth, Yorkshire contains a manuscript of "Gallus de Aula Regia, Malogranatum," dating circa 1459, #182, which belonged to this house. A miscellaneous work, #183, may also have belonged to this house. A manuscript of Mechthild von Hackeborn's Liber spiritualis gratiae, dating to the fifteenth century and belonging to this house is preserved in the Oberlandesgericht in Celle, #13. This archive also contains a manuscript "Repert. ├╝ber das sachs. Landrecht," dating to the fifteenth century and belonging to this house, #6. Two other manuscripts in this archive may also have belonged to this house; they are a Glossary of Latin and low German and a Sermon, dating from the fifteenth century, #10 and 12 respectively. The University Library in Gottingen contains several manuscripts owned by this house, including: Acta Apostol. (14th c.), #Theol. 47; the Epistles of S. Paul (13th c.), #Theol. 49; a Testam. nov. (14th c.), #Theol. 52; a manuscript of Effrem Syrus (13th c.), #Theol. 83; a "Speculum Beatae Mariae Virginis" (14th c.), #Theol. 116; and a copy of "Gallus de Aula Regia, Malogranatum," (c. 1459), #Theol. 158. The Haag possesses a manuscript "In Eccli.," dating from the fifteenth century and owned by Anna von Stockarn, #Kgl. B, 75. A. 2 (66). The Cathedral library in Hildesheim possesses a Hymnal from this house (14th c.), #Bev. 685. The Gymnasium Josephinum in Hildesheim possesses another copy of the "Gallus de Aula Regia Malogranatum," (c. 1459), #46 (o). The Vatican archive possesses a copy of the Epistles of Hincmar of Rheims, owned by this house and dating to the eleventh century, #Vat. Pal. lat. 296. The Herzog-August-Bibliothek in Wolfenb├╝ttel contains a manuscript of the Hildesheimer Wachstafeln (14th c.), which belonged to this house, #Extrav. 265. 5, and a Liber precum held in this archive, #Helmst. 1318 (1431) may have also belonged to this house. A fifteenth-century Breviary owned by Marg. Mollitoris, "monyalis de Eynbecke," is held in the private collection of Haus Krechtig, #593, in Rhede. (see Kramer)

Secondary Sources
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Further research on this community is necessary.

June Mecham
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