S. Maria Magdalena
Community ID
Alternate Names
Penitents of S. Maria Magdalena, Straßburg
Medieval Location
Mary Magdalene
Religious Order
Penitential order of Mary Magdalene; Dominican
S. Augustine
Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Prioress Susanna Hörwart and Ursel Stingel wrote down the sermons of Johannes Geiler von Kaysersberg and helped see these into print. A letter from Geiler further revealed that Prioress Hörwart edited his sermons to make them appropriate for lay readers. (See literary works below)

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

Dominican reformers failed in their attempt to reform this community in 1437. The sisters balked at the reform, claiming that they were being made to join another order. The town council became involved, dividing over the issue. Eventually the reformers moved on to a different house.

Literary Works

The sisters of this community made many of the copies of sermons in the vernacular preached by Johannes Geiler von Kaysersberg. The series published in 1510 as The Souls' Paradise was teken down by Susanna Hörwart and Ursel Stingel from this convent and corrected by Geiler himself. Prioress Hörwart edited one of Geiler's sermons, delivered on December 27, 1498, to make it appropriate for lay readers, as recorded in one of Geiler's letters to the women of this house. Geiler also mentioned that the nuns could distribute his sermon to whomever they wished.