S. Maria Maddalena
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Rita (after 1468)
Cascia (Cassia)
Date Founded
1407 or earlier
Notable Heads

1465-78: D. Angelutia Iacobi Matthei Cicchi de Cassia; 1478-82: D. Lucia Domenici Pauli de Civita; 1488-1505: D. Margarita Marci Antonii Vazzanitti de Colforcella.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

S. Rita Antone Loti lived 1370-1477, and entered the monastery on May 22, 1407. In 1468 Vannuccella Angeli Iohannis Angeloni became a sister.

Population Counts

1467: 10 nuns; 1502: 13 nuns.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

In 1480, Ser Petrus Angeli magistri Petroni was listed as procurator, and on February 18 of that year, he designated Ser Clemente Urbani from Spoleto as his successor.

Early Documents

[1] Jan 7, 1465: 90 florentines were given as a dowry to Catarina Jacobi Domenici de Willa Matignano. // [2] Jan 26, 1465: reception of Compita Blaxii Antonii de Ocuxio and Jacobutia Cristophani Gentilis de Spincresa. // [3] 1467: Record of chapter meeting where nuns propose changing the community's name to S. Rita. // [4] Dec 9, 1550: Ser Ercole Miraldi makes an illegitimate daughter, Concordia, legitimate and gives her 600 florentines as a dowry. For another nun, 300 florentines was the dowry. 100 years earlier it had been 100 florentines.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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