S. Maria della pace
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Maria Magdalena or S. Maria Maddalena (before 1518)
Medieval Location
Outside the walls
Date Founded
1245, June 12
Religious Order
Poor Clares
Conventual, then Observant (after 1518?)
Notable Heads

The abbess from 1518-20 was Eufragia da Perugia, who governed the community along with her vicar, Andrea.

Population Counts

The total population after the absorptions of 1518 was 29: 13 original nuns (including Maria di Benardello), plus the abbess and vicar, 9 nuns from S. Lucia, and 5 women from the Franciscan Third Order.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

Reformed in 1518 by S. Sebastiano di Borgo, S. Sepolcro and SS. Trinita. That same year, they attempted to incorporate nuns from S. Lucia, as well as lay sisters from the Franciscan Third Order.

Published Primary Sources

Bullarium Franciscanum Romanorum Pontificum, vol. I (Innocenti IV), n. 83, p. 363;
Ricordanze del Monastero di S. Lucia osc. in Foligno (cronache 1424-1786) pp. 293-331, esp. paragraphs 758-850, which state that on Jan. 9, 1524, Pope Clement VII sold the monsatery of S. Maria Magdalena, which moved to S. Maria della pace.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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