S. Maria della Fonte fuori della Porta S. Maria
Community ID
Borgo San Sepolcro
Città di Castello
Medieval Location
In a place called "la Cura" there was an ancient fountain with aquaducts, belonging to the parish of S. Maria Maggiore, and bordering on Rignaldello, where thereis a narrow road leading to the monastery.
Date Founded
1258 or earlier
Date Terminated
1304 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Religious Order
Benedictine, then Poor Clares
Originally Benedictine; Cardinal Ugolino conceded to them the rule of S. Damiano when
Incorporated By
Other Ecclesiastical Relations

The community was extremely dependent on the bishop. In 1269, Bishop Niccolo had wanted to make them accept a woman and her two daughters. The sisters replied that they could not because they did not have sufficient sustenance. The Bishop replied that they could not accept anyone without his approval. That same year, Abbess Ruticella and suor Lucia were excommunicated for having accepted into the monastery a woman from Montone. Only by applying for the bishop's absolution were the sisters able to get the order of excommunication lifted. Later, in 1274, the abbess promised obedience to the Bishop and his appointed syndic, and that no sister would be received without the bishop's approval, and that they would strictly observe the rule.


Received 10 libri annually in alms from the commune.

Early Documents

[1] 1274: Bishop Niccolo approved the election of Abbess Aimesina. // [2] 1288, June 3: the Abbess received a letter from Pope Nicholas IV, at the time at S. Maria Maggiore (Rome) // [3] 1304: the sisters tell Cardinal Matteo di S. Maria in Portico, protector of the minors, that they wanted to live under the rule of Saint Clare. // [4] 1411: The commune decrees that no one shall wash, or throw stones or dirty thigs into the fountain in front of the monastery.

State Of Medieval Structure

The monastery burned down in 1438, and the nuns went to live at a house close to the Porta S. Florida

Secondary Sources
Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
Date Started
Date Finished