S. Maria della Carita
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Maria di Pogliola
Date Founded
1180 (March 25)
Religious Order
Foundation Information

Ansennio de Brugapercello, Amadeo Pulligalus and Ardicio each give a large donation to the group of female members who found the monastery. The monastery was transferred from Pogliola in c. 1478 (Cottineau gives 1594 as the date of transfer).

Notable Heads

Elisabetta, Prioress [date?]. Abbesses: Matilde (c. 1276 - c. 1270); Margarita di Ceva (1299); Careta di Bagnasco (1318); Bernarda (1348); Biandrina de Crivelli (1392).

Social Characteristics

Members's social status was generally quite high

Relative Wealth

Extremely wealthy


Recieved many donations (usually in wills) of land, houses, groves, etc.

Other Economic Activities

Nuns were allowed to make private transactions, as in the 1311 sale of a chestnut grove directly to Valeria and Giacomina Ostalerica, both nuns of the monastery.

Early Documents

[1] Sept., 1195: Manfredo, marquis of Busci, count of Loreto, gives to the monastery the property that he has and will have in the marquesate of Vasto. [2] April 11, 1329: Margarita Garano, nun of the monastery, sells a vinyard to Belandina and Giovanni (both nuns of the same monastery)

Manuscript Sources

[1] Torino, Archivio di stato, Inventario delle scritture riguardante le monache, Mondovi, monache cistercense.

[2] Torino, Archivio di stato, Sala 14, Materie ecclesiastiche monache, Mondovi, S. Maria di Pogliola (1180; 1190-1849)

Miscellaneous Information

More information for this community while in Pogliola is contained in S. Maria della Carita.

Conversi/ae and servants

Had conversi at least as early as 1311, but the number is uncertain

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder; Marie Kelleher
Date Started