S. Maria del Senatore
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Alternate Names
Senatore; S. Aureliano and S. Maria; S. Benedetto (after 1449)
Modern Location
Before the Strada Cervia, across from the Duomo square, at the alley of S. Giovanni Domnerrum. Church's entrance was on the street of S. Giuseppe.
Corporate Status
Date Founded
715 (December 13)
Date Terminated
Religious Order
Foundation Information

Senator filius Albini and his wife Teodolina issued a document whereby they consecrated their paternal house in a monastery where their daughter Lintinda and the Seator's sister Liceria wore nun's garments, with Lintinda acting as abbess. Under royal or papal protection, they were entitled to call on a bishop or abbot to correct them.

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

March 18, 1152: Eugenius III; 1261-64: Urban IV decrees that they are subject only to the authority of the Holy See.

Dependent Communities

Mon. S. Gregorio, the oratory of S. Pietro alla Staffora, and the churches of S. Maria di Sarmato and S. Patricio.


In 1183, the abbess and the bishop of Trotone disputed posession of the monastery at Staffora where there was a hospital and a house for lepers.

Early Documents

[1] 951: privelege issued to the monastery in 951, confirmed by Henry OOO in 1054, and in 1499 by Louis the pious. [2] 1257: Pope Alexander IV concedes that abbess Lucinda is not to be bothered by anyone.

Architecture & Archaeology

The curch had three altars: one was dedicated to S. Maria Vergine and another to S. Aureliano. In 1521, Donna Leonarda de Frederici acquired the house with the tower next to the monastery of Pietro Francesco Bottiglella. Around 1600 the church and the cloister were about to collapse, and were thus rennovated.

Manuscript Sources

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[2] Pavia, Archivio, II 95 A-B, 19th c. MSS, 519-22, Capsoni, Gaetano, __Notizie di vescovi, chiesi e monasteri di Pavia e notizie varie al culto.__

Published Primary Sources

[1] __Documenti vogheresi degli archivi di Pavia,__ p. 235.

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Secondary Sources

Ospedali di Ponte
[In __Studi di storica ospedaliera Piemontese.__ ]

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder; Marie Kelleher
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