S. Maria de Tremogiis
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Maria di Tresmodiane; S. Maria di Monte Maggio; S. Maria di Monte Maggiore
Monte Maggiore
Città di Castello
Medieval Location
In the middle of a forest, twelve miles from Città di Castello, between the parishes of S. Leo Bastor and S. Lorenzo di Bibiana
Date Founded
Religious Order
Foundation Information

Founded by Donna Beatrice, ministra of S. Bartolomeo, in conjunction with Abbot Gerardo di Tresmodiane.

Notable Heads

Early abbesses included Beatrice (1226), who had been a nun in S. Bartolomeo Camporeggiano, and Emilia/Imilia (1231), of the family of the Marquis Ripone di Colle.

Population Counts

4 in 1231

Incorporated By

Monastery of Cortona (date needs verification)

Dependency Of

S. Bartolomeo in Camporeggiano

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

In 1231, Abbess Imilia was elected in the presence of Bishop Tifernate Matteo, who was embroiled in a dispute with Abbot Ugoccione of Campo Reggio (dioc. Gubbio) over the jurisdiction over S. Maria. In 1237, it was decided that the abbess of S. Maria would be elected in the presence of the abbot and that the bishop would have the right of confirmation, visitation and correction. Later, S. Maria was to be united with the monastery of Cortona, once again transferring jurisdiction.

Secondary Sources
Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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