S. Maria
Community ID
Medieval Location
On th road to Todi, outside of Amelia under S. Paolo di Roma
Religious Order
Benedictine, with some precepts from S. Clare
Notable Heads

On March 8, 1272, Giovanna was listed as Abbess.

Population Counts

1272: 8 nuns

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

Honorius IV, June 25, 1286, exempted the monastery from the payment of "decime in subsidium regni Siciliae."

Incorporated By

On February 16, 1399, S. Maria asked for union with the nuns of S. Magno (Amelia) because of war and poverty. The pope gave jurisdiction over S. Maria to S. Magno as both were dependencies of the male community of S. Paolo (Rome). On July 30, 1426, there was a complaint that the structures had collapsed. Bishop Filippo Venturelle proposed that the pope transfer the nuns to Amelia, reserving for them the income at Canale. Martin V issued a bull to this effect. In 1428, however, not every nun was at S. Magno. Some transferred to S. Stefano.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

On March 7, 1289, Brother Francisco of Todi was listed as procurator.

Relative Wealth

Very poor.

Early Documents

[1] 1219: Pope reforms monastery. // [2] April 2, 1261: Pope Alexander IV takes the monastery under his protection, confirms property and goods, establishes rapport with the bishop (of Amelia?), concedes the right to say mass at the time of interdict, and excommunicates any who ignore these rights. // [3] Around 1272: Bishop Bartolomeo exhorts the inhabitants of the area to help the nuns with 20 or 40 days of indulgences.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder