S. Magdalena
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Benedictine?; probably Augustinian by 1227 (see contributor's notes); Dominican by 1304
State Of Medieval Structure

The medieval structures were destroyed by the fire in 1689.

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The convent is one of the oldest Dominican convents in Germany. It suffered damage in the Thirty Years War and was also frequently flooded by the Rhine river. In 1689 the convent was burned when the French set fire to the city of Speyer (Wienand, 233).

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June Mecham
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The Ordo sororum poenitentium Mariae Magdalenae, also known as the Reuerinnen in Germany, received papal recognition by 1227. The order included primarily, if not exclusively, prostitutes who had converted to a life of poverty and chastity. Houses of the order of S. Maria Magdalene generally followed the Benedictine rule under Cistercian institutions until 1227 when Pope Gregory IX committed them to the rule of S. Augustine and the constitutions of S. Sisto, a Dominican house in Rome. Rudolph of Hildesheim is credited as the founder of the order. The convent was dissolved in 1802, only to be reestablished by King Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1826.