S. Giovanni del Capuccio
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Giovanni delli Capucci; ...de Caputio
Modern Location
surrounded by corso Regina Margherita, via Palestro, via lumelli and via il Tanoro
Corporate Status
Date Founded
Date Terminated
unknown, but the order itself was abolished by Pius V
Religious Order
Humiliati -- mixed male and female
Foundation Information

the house was very well provided for at its inception, esp. by the Peri family

Notable Heads

first master general was master Beltramo, 1246-47.

Population Counts

early 14th c.: 41 men and 16 women religious, with 6 servants; 19 brothers and 7 sisters from S. Matteo; 15 brothers, 12 sisters and 1 serf of S. Baudolino; 8 brothers from S. Siro

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

rebellious members of that house received disciplinary letters from Pope Innocent IV in 1246 and from Benedict XI in 1304. In 1338, Benedict XII mentions the house in a general "capitolo"

Incorporated Communities

S. Michele of Bergoglio (see S. Michele), during the first half of the 14th c.

Dependent Communities

S. Matteo, S. Siro and S. Baudolino

Relative Wealth

very wealthy


In 1590, the monastery had 8,700 pertiche of land, rented houses and collected a census (head-tax)

Manuscript Sources

(1) Torino, Archivio di Stato, Sula 13, materie eccl. abb., abbaria S. Giovanni del Capuccio, AlessandriaI, C. XVI-XVII.

(2) Milan, Archivio di Stato, Culto, Chiese comune, Alessandrie, cartella 586.
(3) Milan, Archivio di Stato, I Ordeo Religione, Abazie, Comuni A., cartella 257.

(4) Alessandria, Archivio notarile [?], Filza 282, not. Grassi Giov. Guglidmo.

Secondary Sources

Casparolo. "Il convente ii S. Giovanni del Capuccio seconde centro importante degli umiliati di Alessandria." __Rivista di Storia Arte Archeologia della Provincia di Alessandria__ XVIII (1909), pp. 121-176.

Miscellaneous Information

In 1246, there was a rebellion against master Beltramo, finally quelled by Innocent IV. Obedience had to be demanded from the monastery once again in 1304 by Benedict XI.

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