S. Gertrude
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Medieval Location
on the New Market in Cologne
Date Founded
Religious Order
Dominican by 1285
Augustinian (Rule of S. Augustine)
Foundation Information

In August of 1257, a group of women who called themselves inclusae moved from a chapel in the southern part of Cologne to a more central location on the New Market. Archbishop Conrad of Hochstaden confirmed the ownership of the chapel of S. Gertrude to this group. They then assumed the Rule of S. Augustine in order to found a regular convent. In 1263, pope Urban IV confirmed their adoption of the Augustinian rule and allowed them to follow the institutes of the Dominicans. However, the convent's petition for incorporation was not granted until 1285.

Published Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources

NULL, Das Kölner Dominikanerinnenkloster St. Gertrud am Neumarkt
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Miscellaneous Information

In November of 1257 Pope Alexander IV issued two letters of protection to S. Gertrude.

June Mecham
Contributors Notes

This was a foundation by pious women of the city of Cologne.

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