S. Donato di Flebulle
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Alternate Names
S. Giacomo
Medieval Location
Originally located in Colcaprile, but transferred to town in 1320-23, and located near S. Chiara, next to the church of S. Iacobi de Moro Rupto, at the Porta S. Giacomo.
Date Founded
Religious Order
Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

Bulls of Eugenius III and Alexander III placed it under S. Benedetto of Subiaco (although this may have never taken effect). Gregory IX confirmed it on Dec. 11, 1234.

Other Economic Activities

It owed 18 salme of grain and 30 cadi of wine and oil (to bishop? needs verification).


The Bishop of Assisi was against the privileges that S. Donato's proposed affiliation with S. Benedetto entailed. He arrested Abbess Pacifica and took vases and precious objects from the church. The nuns brought the case before the pope, and the bishop was condemned on June 14, 1241, and had to regturn the stolen objects. After the death of Gregory, Innocent IV obliged the bishop to return all goods that he had not already returned. In the census taken in 1244, S. Donato was not among the possessions of S. Benedetto.

Early Documents

1244: monastery built

Published Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources

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Miscellaneous Information

Nicholas V had granted S. Chiara the privilege that no other community would be build within 200 cannae. On April 20, 1323, John XXII asked Filippo di Giovanni de Caetano to admonish S. Donato to respect this privilege.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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