S. Cecilia
Community ID
Alternate Names
S. Cecilia in Paradiso (after 1658)
Città di Castello
Città di Castello
Date Founded
Date Terminated
1658 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Religious Order
Poor Clares
Foundation Information

Founded in a small house by B. Angelia di Montemarte (daughter of Giacomo della Corbara, widow of Giovanni, Count Civitella in Abruzzo), together with suor Margherita and her daughter, the widowed suor Cassandra. Co-founded by Pope Martin V, who wanted the monastery to have a "ministra" and a confessor.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

As of 1428, B. Angelina de Montemarte was the Ministra Generale of all third order houses she founded. Her daughter was sister Cassandra, whom she sent with sister Margherita to S. Cecilia in 1422. In 1461, Pope Pius II suppressed the Ministra Generale and ordered each convent to have individual ministra.

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

August 4, 1448: Nicholas V gave S. Cecilia all the privileges and immunities that a similar house in Perugia had. // 1471: Sixtus IV acknowledged that they established goods like the second order.

Incorporated Communities

United with the monastery of Paradiso in 1658, and known thereafter as S. Cecilia in Paradiso.

Incorporated By

Paradiso in 1658.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

On Jan 22, 1490, Pope Innocent IV put the Friars Minor of Provicia di S. Granesco in charge of S. Cecilia.


Niccolosa di Francesca Comanducci; Marietta di Gio. Pietro Niccolai, widow of Francesco di ser Antonio Salamarchi.

Miscellaneous Information

On March 4, 1443, S. Cecilia was exempted from all payments to the commune.

Suzanne Wemple-Kinder
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