S. Caterina di Quarto
Community ID
Medieval Location
Quarto Sup. (6 km from Bologna); moved into Bologna to the Via San Donato in 1298
Date Founded
Date Terminated
Religious Order
Caterina di Quarto
Caterina di Quarto
Foundation Information

Founded in 1205 by Brother Alberto; house included both men and women.

Priveleges & Papal Exemptions

Innocent IV imposes Augustinian rule in 1247 and gives papal protection.

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

This community transfers into the city to the parish of S. Maria Maddalena on the Via San Donato in 1290. By the early fourteenth century, this community is mostly considered a nunnery but retains a prior, who is also the parish priest of S. Maria Maddalena.
This community probably follows Dominican practices, although ties to the order are not clear until the fifteenth century.
The union with S. Maria Maddalena dissolved in 1468 when the nuns unify with S. Giovanni Battista (also Dominican). The prioress of S. Giovanni Battista disputes the union, and the nuns who had been living there transfer to S. Pietro Martire. See S. Caterina di Strada San Donato.

Secondary Sources

Much of this information is summarized from I monasteri femminili à Bologna tra il XIII e il XVII secolo.

Sherri Johnson