Ramsey (needs verification)
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Medieval Location
Modern Location
S. Benedict, S. Mary
Date Founded
900 or later
Date Terminated
1066 or before
Foundation Information

According to Dugdale, the male monastery was founded in 969, by Aylwin, foster-brother of King Edgar, and duke of East Anglia. However, the church was not dedicated until 974.

State Of Medieval Structure

The abbey is in ruins.

Secondary Sources

Veiled Women, vol. 1, 77, and vol. 2, 143;
The Victoria History of the County of Huntingdon1:377-85 available online at ">http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=38142&strquery=ramsey"> [Victoria County History] . This refers only to the male foundation at Ramsey.
Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 2

Miscellaneous Information

Foot implies that women resided at Ramsey during the tenth century (see Veiled Women, vol. 1, 77). King Cnut apparently wanted a choir for the women , but his desire and gift of money were never followed through on. It is not clear that women still resided at Ramsey at this time (Veiled Women, vol. 2, 143).

Admin. Notes

Note: I only included Ramsey because of Foot's reference in volume one. Before reading volume 1 I was going to leave it out. This needs more verification.
Note: I still can't find any more information other than from Foot on this foundation. I have included Dugdale and VCH references to the male foundation, but this still needs further verification. EMS 5/08

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