Community ID
near Nürnberg (Nuremberg)
Medieval Location
near Nürnberg (Nuremberg)
Corporate Status
Date Founded
1300-1399 (fourteenth century)
Religious Order
Augustinian (hermitesses)
Rule of S. Augustine
Foundation Information

This community of Augustinian hermitesses was founded near Nuremberg in the fourteenth century. The hermitesses of this community were well connected in mystical circles with other monasteries of the region (see ecclesiastical relationships).

Other Ecclesiastical Relations

The women of this community were well connected with other convents and mystical circles. Presumably Henry of Nördlingen played an important role in connecting the women of Pillenreuth with the nuns of Engelthal. There are clear literary links between the women of this community and Engelthal, Inzigkoven, and S. Katharinenkloster . Other connections between these communities are evident. The inagural sermon at Pillenreuth was delivered by a Dominican preacher; the library catalogue of Engelthal lists a book by the chaplian at Pillenreuth; and the nuns of Engelthal possessed manuscripts of many of the same works included in Manuscript W, which had Pillenreuth as its source and Inzigkoven as its producer. The Engelthal catalogue includes a manuscript on the sisters of Weiler, the sister-Book of Kirchberg, and a Sister-Book of a Dominican monastery near Ulm, all of which appear in Manuscript W (Hindsley, 188).

Manuscripts Produced

In 1422 the Augustinians underwent a reform that inaugurated a period of great literary activity under their superior (prioress) Anna Ebin. The Augustinians of this community became known for their copies and translations of mystical texts. This literary flowering produced Manuscript W of the Engelthal Sister-Book. It is also certain that Pillenreuth possessed a description of Christina Ebner's life (Hindsley, 188).

June Mecham
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