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Alternate Names
Ottobura; Ottoburanum mon.; Ottenbeuren; Uttinburren
Modern Location
Schwaben district, Western Günz valley. 11km southeast of Memmingen. Take the Erkheim Ottobeuren exit from the A96
Corporate Status
Double monastery untill 1217.
S. Alexander; S. Theodore
Date Founded
Date Terminated
1217 (women)
Religious Order
S. Georgen
Miscellaneous Information

After fire of 1217 there were no women.

Admin. Notes

Ottobeuren was created as family monastery of the counts Silach around 764 and settled of monks from the Bodensee area - pc. Gallen and Reichenau -. The monastery attained the "realm immediacy" in the course of its history, i.e., its area was within the German Reich independent and alone to the emperor obligated. The small monastery state - Ottobeuren and 27 villages of the surrounding countryside - was coined/shaped in such a way up to the year 1802, when Ottobeuren fell at Bavaria, lastingly by the monastery. In this time one can speak of three bloom phases: In 12. Century introduced the blessed abbott Rupert the Hirsauer reform and renewed the kloesterliche life. Under its successor flowered then a write school, whose important book painting is not to be unfortunately seen today no more at the place. A second bloom experienced the monastery in 16. Century, when it became a center of the South German Humanismus and operated already early printering. After the dreissigjaehrigen war, in which the monastery had heavily suffered, it flowered under abbott Rupert IITH Ness in 18. Century enormously up. It promoted both the religious, as well as the social, economic and artistic life both in the monastery, and in the pin area. Visible indication of these years is the powerful baroque monastery plant with its conclusion, the monastic church, which represents one of the hauptwerke of the European baroque. After the dissolution of the monastery in the secularization 1802 it owes to Ottobeuren of the loyalty of the monks at that time, which could be driven out neither by chicaneries nor by national coercive measures that the monastery under king Ludwig I. 1834 could dare again a small beginning. Since 1918 Ottobeuren is again independent abbey and counts today 24 monks.

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