Mare de Déu de la Serra
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Medieval Location
on a hill just outside the medieval walls, to the northwest
Date Founded
Date Terminated
Still active
Religious Order
Poor Clares
Foundation Information

Traditionally, founded by a Greek princess named Irene Lascaris, who may have been related by marriage to the house of the Counts of Pallars.

Art & Artifacts

Verge de la Serra (virgin of the hill), patron saint of the town (See also Mar de Deu de la Serra, apse sculpture).

Architecture & Archaeology

Mare de Deu de la Serra, monastery church. Although some gothic elements are still visible, especially in the interior, the exterior has been much altered, and contains elements from several different periods.

Published Primary Sources

Biografia de la fundadora i altres treballs historics del Monestir de la Mare de Deu de la Serra. Although this work also appears under secondary sources, it should be noted that it contains a number of transcriptions of document pertaining tho the community, as well as reference to others (see esp. pages 61-80).

Miscellaneous Information

The interior decoration of the church is notable for its female motif: among the sacred personages depicted, the only men are Christ and S. Francis. In addition, the statue of Mary is surrounded by statues of four other biblical women: Esther, Rachael, Rebecca and Judith. The fact that these are all ficure from the Old Testament may have been meant to depict Mary as the culmination of female virtue.

Marie Kelleher
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