Le Murate
Community ID
Firenze (Florence)
Medieval Location
bridge over the Rubaconte River
Date Founded
Date Terminated
Foundation Information

According to Saundra Weddle, Le Murate ("the immured women") was originally founded as a small community for pious lay-women. It later grew to a community of around 200 nuns.

Notable Heads

Abbess Scolastica Rondineli (1439-1475)

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Suora Giustina Niccolini wrote a chronicle of the convent in 1597. Caterina Sforze, widow of Giovanni de' Medici was a resident here as was Caterina de' Medici who later married Henry II and became the Queen of France. Many wealthy families continued to use Le Murate as a place to board their female relatives even after enclosure.


Giovanni Benci, Amerigo Benci (oldest son of Giovanni)

State Of Medieval Structure

After its suppression, Le murate was used as a prison until 1983. As of 2001, Weddle reports that it is currently being used as a police administration office, private residences, and an open air cinema.

Manuscript Sources
Miscellaneous Information

Le Murate was suppressed by Napoleon in 1808. Many of its records were lost/destroyed at this time.

Ericka Swensson