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Alternate Names
Altitona; Odilienberg
Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Odilia
Date Founded
680 (circa)
Date Terminated
1546 (for female community -- final dissolution in 1661)
Religious Order
Benedictine; Augustinian from the twelfth century
Foundation Information

This community existed as a Benedictine female house since 680. It contained canonesses until 1546.
According to legend, Hohenbourg was founded by Duke Adalric of Alsace in the late seventh or early eighth century and later given to Adalric’s saintly daughter Odile. The early rule followed by the women of the community is unknown, although by the twelfth century, when the monastery was reformed, the women followed the Augustinian Rule. The monastery came to prominence during the twelfth century under the direction of its reforming abbesses, Relinde (d. c. 1176) and Herrad (d. after 1196).

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

Herrad of Hohenbourg, famous for her Hortus Deliciarum, and Relinde, who reformed Hohenbourg at the middle of the twelfth century and introduced the Augustinian Rule.

Manuscript Sources

The manuscript copy of the Hortus deliciarum of Herrad of Hohenbourg, written in the twelfth century, was destroyed in 1870 by a fire at the City Library of Strassburg during the Prussian siege of the city. A second piece, the so-called flabellum of Hohenbourg (a magnificent strip of illuminated parchment) is now in the British Library (BL Add. MS 42497).

Miscellaneous Information

The house was transformed to a Premonstratensian male community in 1546. This community was dissolved in 1661.

Manuscripts Produced

Herrad of Landsberg (Hohenburg) produced her famous Hortus Deliciarum at this house.

June Mecham, Fiona Griffiths
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