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959 or later
Date Terminated
970 or later
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Two women, Aethelflaed and Aelfswith, have been identified as living as vowesses next to the monastary at Glastonbury. Other women made donations, but none of the records available place them as residing at or near Glastonbury and in association with it (Veiled Women, vol. 2, 93-97). Aelfflaed, widow of Edward the Elder was buried at the abbey, but it is unclear whether or not she lived as a vowess attached the the abbey.


Aefflaed, widow of Edward the Elder, donated to the abbey. Aelfgyth had tenuous ties to the abbey in that land she had been given by King Edgar ended up in the abbey's hands after her death.

Secular Political Affiliations

Aethelflaed entertained King Aethelstan and his retinue.

Miscellaneous Information

The women at Glastonbury were individual vowesses connected to a monastary rather than a formal cloistered convent.

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