Gesuate in Città di Castello
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Città di Castello
Città di Castello
Medieval Location
In the district "del Pelagallo" in 1410; in Vicolo Argenti in 1420.
Religious Order
Jesuit [?]
Augustinian until 1429, when the rule of B. Giovanni di Piero Colombini was adopted.
Foundation Information

When the Jesuits appeared in the city of Castello, they were accompanied by pious women who wanted to follow their example. This monastery was not counted among the others because the sisters had to support themselves by alms.

Early Documents

In 1410, a notarial document of Giovanni del du ser Monte mentions a house of "poverelle, in the district "del Pelagallo." In 1429, a notarial document of Pier Matteo di Niccola di ser Marco Vanni indicates that these "Poverelle" were Jesuits, and had received a tenament with a cloister in the Vicolo Argenti.

Secondary Sources
Suzanne Wemple-Kinder