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Medieval Location
The community was located on the right bank of the Rhine River between the Ruhr and Wupper Rivers.
S. Hippolytus; Blessed Virgin Mary
Date Founded
870 (circa)
Date Terminated
Religious Order
Foundation Information

This convent was hardly more than a familial-convent or Eigenkloster. Reginbirg, the daughter of the knight, Gerrich, founded the community (Hauck, 550). According to Kramer, this community was founded circa 870 and lasted until circa 919. In 922 Hermann I, the archbishop of Cologne, combined it with the convent of 11000 virgins before the doors of the city of Cologne. The church was burned by the Hungarians, and a portion of the nuns with the abbess, Lantfuint, were taken in by the convent in the city. A portion of the nuns remained in the old location. In 970 a new convent situated on the former location was built; this convent was closely connected to the archepiscopal church in Cologne (Heineken, 44). This second female community lasted until 1806.


The document of Bishop Hermann mentions gifts made to the convent by Gerich; another document, probably forged, lists gifts from the abbess Reginbierg.

Manuscript Sources

An Ordinarius missae, dating from the thirteenth -fourteenth cneturies, is held in the University library in Düsseldorf, #C 50. An Evangeliar from the tenth-eleventh centuries, written by Abbess Hitda, is held in the parish church of S. Margaret in Gerresheim, #1.

Published Primary Sources

[1]Urkundenbuch für die Geschichte des Niederrheins, ed. Th. J. Lacomblet. 4 Vols. Düsseldorf, 1840-58.

Miscellaneous Information

In the unification of the two convents, Gerresheim was represented by the advocate, Everwin, who was a brother of the abbess (Heineken, 44). The nuns of Gerresheim had the right to elect the advocate with the advice of the archbishop of Cologne.

June Mecham
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