Community ID
Alternate Names
Geldern bei Bredevoort
Blessed Virgin Mary
Date Founded
1300-1399 (14th century)
Religious Order
Cistercian; Augustinian since circa 1428
Benedictine; Augustinian since circa 1428
Foundation Information

This community of Cistercian nuns appeared sometime during the fourteenth century. Since circa 1428/1431 the community has existed as Augustinian nuns, following the rule of S. Augustine.

Manuscript Sources

The Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz contains numerous works from this community's library. These include: sermons of John Tauler (1458), #Germ. 2o823 and Germ. 4o1079; the life of S. Francis by Bonaventura (15th c.), #Germ. 2o1169; three psalters (c. 1464), #s Germ. 2o1171-2o1173; "From the Temptations of S. Francis" (15th c.), #Germ. 4o1078; sermons of Joh. Ruusbroec (15th c.), #Germ. 4o1084; a manuscript of Marq. von Lindau (15th c.), owned by "suster Leeuschoen," #Germ. 4o1085; a manuscript of Thomas Aquinas (15th c.), #Germ. 4o1337; two miscellaneous works, #Germ. 4o1100 and Germ. 4o1571; a manuscript of lives of saints (?), #Germ. 8o352; and a manuscript of Rulman Merswin (15th c.), #Germ. 8o353. The University Library in Bonn contains several miscellaneous theological manuscripts from the community, dating from the 15th c., #s S 2052- S 2055, S 2057 and S 2059; and a manuscript of David de Augusta (15th c.), #S 2056.

Manuscripts Produced

The library of this community appears to have included several theological works, tracts of sermons, and lives of the saints. (see manuscript sources)

Admin. Notes

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