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Wolfenbüttel; near Goslar
Holy Cross, Blessed Virgin Mary, and S. Trinitas
Date Founded
Date Terminated
Religious Order
Rule of S. Augustine
Foundation Information

The noble Arnold of Dorstadt, brother of Bishop Adelog of Hildesheim, bequeathed his brother Heinrich the task of founding a convent. Heinrich of Dorstadt founded the convent in 1189 from his own property for the worship of the Holy Cross. The foundation was confirmed by Bishop Adelog, and the community of Augustinian women was formed (Hoogeweg, 28-29).

Manuscript Sources

The remaining works from this community's library are preserved in the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel. They include: a Passionale, 1485,#Helmst. 275 (308); Sermons, fifteenth century, #Helmst. 246(275); Super Petrum Lombardum, fifteenth century, Helmst. 278(311); a Lation dictionary (?), fifteenth century, #Helmst. 370(405); Brevilogus, 1404, #Helmst. 400 (435); Lect., fifteenth century, #Helmst. 413(448); Thomas a Kempsi, 1465/58, #Helmst. 419 (454); Sermons, fifteenth century, #Helmst. 440(475); Lect., fourteenth century, #Helmst. 536(583); an Horarium, thirteenth century, #Helmst. 541(589); Speculum BVM, thirteenth century, owned by Margareta Jacobi, #Helmst. 617(666); Sermons, fifteenth century, #Helmst. 644(694); a latin vocabulary, 1444, #Helsmt. 720(784); Homil., fifteenth century, #Helmst. 725(789); Expos. hymn., fifteenth century, #Helmst. 732(796); De missa, thirteenth century, #Helmst. 871(970); Hugo Ripelin, fourteenth century, #Helmst. 1077 (1180), and a Breviary, fourteenth-fifteenth century, #Helmst. 1263(1371).
The Haag also preserves a Breviary from the community, written in 1485, #Kgl. B, 150.F. 12.

Published Primary Sources

Urkundenbuch des hochstifts Hildesheim.
LAUENSTEIN, Hist. diplom. episc. Hild. II, p. 258-9.

Secondary Sources

Verzeichnis der Stifter und Klöster Niedersachsens vor der ReformationHandschriftenerbe des Deutschen Mittelalters, vol. 1, p. 169-170.
LÜNTZEL, Geschichte des Diözese und Stadt Hildesheim II, p. 226-7, 452.
BERTRAM, Geschichte des Bistum Hildesheim, I.

Miscellaneous Information

In the fifteenth century, Johannes Busch attempted to reform the convent according to the Windesheimer Reform; he succeeded only partially and with great difficulty in instilling this reform in the community. In 1545 the convent accepted the Lutheran Reform at the instigation of Duke Julius. In 1810 the government finally dissolved the community and sold the conventual buildings to a private party. It was held by the family of Löbbeke (Hoogeweg, 29).

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